WEEKLY DIGEST: Week of Euro passions and Euro fakes

WEEKLY DIGEST: Week of Euro passions and Euro fakes

The Holy Week in Bulgaria has been hard. Especially for the behind-the-scenes political and economic circles in the country. Just because the eternal adversary of the Bulgarian behind-the-scenes clique has been nominated for MEP. His name is Delyan Peevski, the sworn enemy of the oligarchy.

The oligarchs immediately set in motion their pawns, especially those abroad, to smear the lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media. Their methods, typical of the communist State Security agency, have produced a new genre in manipulation – a remake of a fake (See here).
Already the next day it became clear that actually the oligarchy in Bulgaria has activated all of their rundown agents of the communist State Security to help them launch an attack against Peevski, because obviously they are terribly worried that their sworn enemy can be elected for MEP and this will be a serious issue for the backstage power brokers in Bulgaria. And, if we have to rephrase the mercenaries of the oligarchs, can you imagine what Peevski can do as MEP on the European political arena? Now we can think of two things that raise the most serious concerns among the oligarchs, because this is their favourite rein which they use to keep in check the headstrong – the scrapping of the monitoring mechanism and the cooked-up reports on the media freedom (See here).
In the meanwhile, there was one more alarm signal for the start of another attack against Peevski. With the only aim to hit the lawmaker in several ways. That is why the Bulgarian news service of Radio Free Europe in Bulgaria in cooperation with the Fake News Factory has generated such a ridiculous fake. It is apparent that the only reason for that is exactly the nomination of Peevski for MEP (See here).
Actually, we could describe the whole week in brief as a week of Euro passions and Euro fakes generated at the same backstage labs. Shady workshops whose only purpose is to manufacture reality cozy with their oligarchic mentors. And if these materials are aimed against Peevski – so much the better (See here). 

MRF Chairman Karadayi tops party list for European elections

Chairman of Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Mustafa Karadayi is the party's top-of-the-list candidate for the May 26 European Parliament elections. This transpired at the registration of the MRF's candidate list at the Central Election Commission on Monday (See here).

Some 19 candidates vie for one seat

An average number of 19 candidates will vie for each of the 17 Bulgarian seats in the new European Parliament. A total of 318 candidates are registered to participate in the EP elections to be held on 26 May, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced. The deadline for parties and coalitions to register their lists of MEP nominees and for political action committees to file their lists of signatures in support of independent candidates’ nominations was 23 April (See here).



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