If we have to choose a key word for the last week it will be the “apartment”. So far the scandal about the apartments provided by Artex Company bought much under their market price have precipitated two audits – one by the Prosecutor’s Office and the other, by the ACCIAF (Anti-Corruption Commission). These scandals also resulted in two resignations: first of the justice minister Tsetska Tsacheva and second, of the deputy minister of sports Vanya Koleva.

The news stream commenting the scandal is even more chockfull than the pre-election campaigns and is really full of real-time events. This has not prevented Frognews from implicating in it the name of MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski without any ground. Quite in rhyme to the media of the Fake News Factory founded by the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Dochev who turn every newsbreak into a fake aimed against Peevski without any grounds. Just to make his name tagged to scandals in any Google search.
Thus, completely off the mark, the information that Tsacheva wanted to be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACCIAF) for the apartment she purchased Frognews titled “Tsacheva wants to be investigated by institutions which made Peevski look bright as a new pin”. It was made in a bid to suggest that the investigations were with a foretold result. What is the final result is yet to be seen but, if the Commission does it the way it has audited the property of Peevski with the help of what not control bodies in this country, one thing is clear – not a single Lev will not be unaudited. The lawmaker is one of the people in Bulgaria who is subjected to most audits in Bulgaria and the reason is simple – there are numerous warnings against him sent by all kinds of persons and the State Security Agent Academician, owner of Frognews, knows it best. After all, among the most active informers was Georgi Georgiev, leader of NGO affiliated with the sponsor of his site, Tsvetan Vassilev.
The real facts, however, don’t mean anything to either Frognews or to the other cogs in the oligarchic manipulation machine. The trick is to impute the name of Peevski to all kinds of fakes, but errors are unavoidable. For instance, the site of Agent Academician in a just another attempt to paint the MP blacker than the devil admitted that he was “uncorrupted” (See here).
Otherwise, two NGOs took an active part in the smearing campaign. First, the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum all of a sudden joined in the choir of the oligarchs and their media outlets against the Peevski Act amendments aimed at full transparency of media financing in Bulgaria (See here). The charity institutions quite unexpectedly keep company to bivol.bg, the site whose nexus with the Kremlin is proven and still Bivol is trying to cover up the money flows which sustain it. Probably because of their exposed ploy - racketeering the mayors of the Black Sea municipalities - which the owner of Bivol Assen Yordanov and his better half PR agent Alberta Alkalay resort to.

European election in Bulgaria to be held on 26 May 

The European Parliament election in Bulgaria will be held on 26 May, it became clear after President Rumen Radev issued a decree officially setting the date. This is the last possible date of the ones agreed upon by the European Council last year, when it was decided that the election will be held in all Member States between 23 and 26 May. The Sunday of 26 May concludes a long weekend for Bulgarians, who celebrate the Day of Slavonic Script and Bulgarian Education and Culture on 24 May. The country has to elect 17 of the MEPs (See here).

GERB and UDF to run together in European elections

The ruling GERB party and the non-parliamentary Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) will run together in the upcoming European elections. This transpired after a meeting of representatives of the two parties. Prime Minister and GERB leader Boyko Borissov is quoted as saying that UDF will get an electable position on the list of candidates and at least two spots for their candidates. These should be "convinced democrats who, when in Brussels, will stand up for the values and causes of the European People's Party", to use Borissov's words (See here).


Във връзка с решение на Европейския съд в Люксембург, ви уведомяваме, че авторът на коментара под тази статия носи съдебна отговорност за послания, които са нецензурни, насаждат омраза, призовават към насилие или са клеветнически. При съгласието Ви, ние ще създадем бисквитка на компютърът ви, която ще бъде запазена следващите 7 дни.

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Igor Girkin-Strelkov and three other Russian officers are implicated in the death of 298 passengers

Crony of the fugitive banker accused of shooting down Malaysian Boeing-777

Igor Girkin-Strelkov and three other Russian officers are implicated in the death of 298 passengers

Four persons, among them the former leader of pro-Russian separatists in Donbass Igor Girkin were accused of murder owing to shutting down of Malaysian airlines flight over eastern Ukraine in July of 2014, BBC reports.


WEEKLY DIGEST: Delyan Peevski - MEP candidate who raises concerns among the oligarchy

What do an ageing cartoonist, pen pusher on the paycheck of the oligarchy and a rhinoceros may share in common? It is hard to guess, isn’t it? The answer, however, is simple – all of them are tools in the hands of the Bulgarian backstage power brokers. Targeted as the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique, the lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski who, on top of everything, is the nominee for MEP for the second time is their main opponent.