“Oligarchs of the world, unite!” is the slogan under which the past seven days in Bulgaria went by. Indicted “businessmen” in the country and fugitive individuals holed up abroad rolled up their sleeves and got down to attacking their sworn enemy – lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski – seemingly trying to squeeze an entire five-year plan of fake news into a week.

Some 30 years after the end of socialism, the spirit of the long-gone communism is still to be found in Bulgaria. Fueled by the products of the former State Security agency (nowadays oligarchs in the role of indicted businessmen), the socialist fervour of attacking one’s enemies with manipulations is even growing.

We saw made up stories by the oligarchic NGO project Boets, which went from trying to contact Peevski to claiming that the lawmaker has gone missing and, finally, in keeping with the spirit of socialist propaganda, proclaiming that it was going to look for the MP in the Holy Synod (See here). If the story were not so patently absurd, we would probably be able to find a humorous side to it. The problem is that all of Boets’s nonsense was immediately copy-pasted by its fellow oligarchic projects in the media and so a huge news feed was generated online – about a lawmaker who apparently teleports himself from the country to Mars (See here).

The truth is that the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision to reject a request filed by the NGO (whose representatives like to pose for photos with the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev) brought the behind-the-scenes players to panic attacks (See here). Left with no legal arguments, the shadowy figures resorted to their favourite trick for pressuring the enemy – churning out fake news. Whether it is in Bulgaria or abroad does not matter, the important thing is for the number of anti-Peevski fabrications disseminated in the media to pile up (See here). 

However, this week revealed something crucial – people no longer believe the oligarchs and their manipulations. The regular citizens are sick of being lied to and being used by the behind-the-scenes players, whose only goal is to serve their own agenda. And so, the people on Facebook rose up against the shameless lies (See here).

Another week has passed; there are two more to go before the EP elections. It is obvious that the oligarchy is extremely concerned!  


Във връзка с решение на Европейския съд в Люксембург, ви уведомяваме, че авторът на коментара под тази статия носи съдебна отговорност за послания, които са нецензурни, насаждат омраза, призовават към насилие или са клеветнически. При съгласието Ви, ние ще създадем бисквитка на компютърът ви, която ще бъде запазена следващите 7 дни.

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What do an ageing cartoonist, pen pusher on the paycheck of the oligarchy and a rhinoceros may share in common? It is hard to guess, isn’t it? The answer, however, is simple – all of them are tools in the hands of the Bulgarian backstage power brokers. Targeted as the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique, the lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski who, on top of everything, is the nominee for MEP for the second time is their main opponent.