WEEKLY DIGEST: Games of fakes for oligarchs

WEEKLY DIGEST: Games of fakes for oligarchs

Request for conflict of interest investigation of Lozan Panov is already in Brussels

The only way to make people be faithful to you is to make them fear you more than they fear their enemies. This is a quotation from The Game of Thrones. So said Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Cersei Lannister. These words suit perfectly to describe the avalanche of fakes which the oligarch-publishers have released to bury under it the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

To put it in other words, there is hardly a person from the entourage of Ivo Prokopiev,  Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev who doesn’t know that in case you don’t dance to their tune - like Peevski who dares spoiling their shady deals - you will share the fate of those who are demonised every single day. The oligarchic media machine smashing the inconvenient people demonstrates that it is working at full steam and can circulate lies very efficiently and on command.

Their arsenal is quite versatile and imagination, rich. You name it: the Magnitski Act and RIKO, financing of terrorist organisations, trafficking and contraband of cigarettes, Russian ties and debts to Moscow and finally the Novichok “science fiction”. All these attacks have been launched against Peevski within the last few months alone. Without quoting a single fact that could serve as evidence. This has become possible simply because someone pressed a button at the Fake News Factory spreading false news about the lawmaker and it belches out its absurd manufacture every day.      

And, in conformance with the communist principles, fulfill the five-year plan within three years. In the last 1000 days, 5000 fakes have been generated about Peevski in Bulgaria. All of them are generously paid for and presented as “articles of the independent Bulgarian journalists” who every month sign their paychecks at the pay-offices of their oligarchic mentors. 

That is how the week looked in terms of fakes.

Capital releases lies about Peevski

What do the oligarchs put at stake in their battle against the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes machinations in Bulgaria, Delyan Peevki? You can judge about it by yourselves just fingering through the flagship of the media disinformation machine of the oligarchs – Capital newspaper. The edition of the indicted boss Ivo Prokopiev (who was brought to court and held accountable for the criminal privatisation deals with EVN and Kaolin – author’s note) have long specialised in battering the MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media. To this end, the name of the lawmaker is lugged in everything bad or obscure that is going on in Bulgaria and all kinds of dubious ties are imputed to him, starting with the Russians (because any person inconvenient to the oligarchs has to be a Russophile despite the fact that Peevski is the last man in this country who can be accused of such a thing – author’s note), down to the all kinds of international conspiratorial figures. The important thing is to paint Peevski black, to show him as someone who communicates with the bad guys while the “good” oligarchs appear like “deus ex machina” in a Greek tragedy to save the Bulgarian people from this “evil”. 

To implement this plan, Capital has set out on writing new and yet newer heroic scenarios for its economic deities. In the last issue it allocated two pages of this otherwise negligible paper to elaborate on how bad Peevski is. Thus, the name of the lawmaker is lugged in two extensive articles aimed only at flooding the readers with misinformation.    

The approach is elementary – they pool together all facts, semi-truths and open lies which were released during the last week and were related to the purported poisoning of arms dealer Emilyan Gebrev, his son and one of the directors of his munitions plant and cook them up in a horrendous media hotchpotch (See here). 

Peevski became target of fakes spread by the Bulgarian Madoff

Fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and his family apparently show signs of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders – they have declared war on fake news which they themselves spew out every day. This transpired from the appeal that the Bulgarian Madoff’s wife and daughter posted on Facebook inviting their followers to join them on Twitter if they want to hear the “firsthand news.”

“If you want to skip the murky details used in cooking up what only appears to be news but is actually a fake, follow us on Twitter where you will read the authentic firsthand news,” wrote Vassilev on his Facebook page on Monday. An hour and a half later his appeal boasted 29 likes and 2 shares. Wide support indeed! One cannot rule out the possibility that the likes were for the family photo of Tsvetan Vassilev and his spouse Antoanetta sipping wine early in the morning.

The Vassilevs family have broad experience in fakes but only in their production and circulation. The Fake News Factory generously financed by the Bulgarian Madoff via paid websites, network of trolls and mouthpieces is working at full steam. The quota which the mercenaries of Vassilev&Co have to meet is at least one fake news a day which they spread at lightning speed via their net of media outlets and websites which are working 7/24 to whitewash his image.

As for the financing of fakes’ production, it is provided thanks to the money stolen from the bankrupt CorpBank. The main target of the fakes is lawmaker Delyan Peevski, who is a co-mover of the law aimed against the secondary plunder of the bank (See here).

„Fighters” of the fugitive banker also joined in the fakes attack against lawmaker

The fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev once again pulled the strings of his puppets of the Boets (translated as fighter) search and attack unit. Not long after the financial fraudster complained that someone was trying to shut him up and vowed that he and his family would speak “the truth first-hand” on Twitter, the non-governmental organisation serving the Bulgarian Madoff set the fake news assembly line going.

As they could not immediately find anything to use in defaming the name of their sworn enemy Delyan Peevski, the people in Boets revived a “news item” from three years ago, reminding how the infamous investigator Boyko Atanasov supposedly revealed in an interview for the website Bivol the existence of “search and attacks units” in the Prosecutor’s Office. To make sure that even the most intellectually challenged of Vassilev’s trolls, terrorising the internet under nicknames such as “ad hoc” (meaning “made ot happening for a particularpurpose”), know what they are supposed to comment, Boets wrote a concise and extremely incompetent cliff-notes version of the interview. Unedited, it reads like this: “The search and attack units are under the directly command of Tsatsarov and Peevski and perform special tasks to assist in concealing the crimes of their bosses, striking agreements that suit the mafia, and oppressing people that are deemed inconvenient.” (See here)

5000 fakes against Delyan Peevski within three years

Within just three years the Fake News Factory has amassed impressive assets – it has spewed out 5,000 fakes against MP and publisher of Telegraph Media. There is hardly another man in Bulgaria who is so much hated and slurred by the behind-the-scenes clique. Not a day without a fake news, disinformation or open lie about Delyan Peevski. This is the mantra of the Bulgarian oligarchic circles which their pawns in the Fake News Factory are repeating diligently and sheepishly, there is no day-off or holiday for them. A real tidal wave of fake news floods social networks via the websites of oligarchs who took part in plundering the state. Their No.1 target is the sworn enemy of the backstage powerbrokers – Delyan Peevski.

Four are the oligarchs who control the Fake News Factory: Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev. Dozens of obedient cogs which sustain this manipulation machine are working day and night to perfect the technology of fake terror. 

The brightest example to it is Frognews, the site of Agent Academician of the communist State Security Service Ognyan Stefanov. The agent of the obscurantist State Security for years now has been on the payroll of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and plays the role of his press officer. His task is to fill the virtual space with open lies about Delyan Peevski. You probably wonder how such a negligible site visited only by some closest friends and family of the fugitive banker has become an influencer in internet search engines and very often manages to pass itself off for a top edition in them. (See here)         

Pawns of the oligarchy try to “steal” Euro vote too, paint Peevski black

After they tried to “steal” the EU presidency via a site that misled the readers posing as an official Bulgarian internet page, the pawns of the oligarchic disinformation machine in Bulgaria are trying to “steal” the vote for the European Parliament as well. 

Once again they are trying to push fake news but this time guised as a new website focused on the Euro vote. The man who built the second site (EUelectionsBulgaria.com) is the same person who is standing behind the first one – a journalist catering to the interests of the behind-the-scenes clique working as a correspondent in Brussels. His name is Georgy Gotev. Actually, Georgy is only a “cover face” of the page because de facto it is built in collaboration with other two e-editions, part of the oligarchic Fake News Factory – Mediapool of the former spokesperson of Ivan Kostov, Stoyana Georgieva and Frognews of Agent Academician of the communist State Security Service, Ognyan Stefanov. The result of the recent “embrace” of the pseudo journalists in their attempt to cheat the community is an article written by an author who is on payroll in Mediapool titled “Revelations about the covert political partner of Borissov destabilise his government” Purportedly, the article is about the amendments to the Election Code but in fact it has been generated with the sole purpose – to quote the last but one sentence to which the name of the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski was again patched on. (See here)

Academician conspires against Peevski, three State Security agents launch new attack

Ognyan Stefanov, former State Security agent who worked under alias Agent Academician, has cooked up the next in row fake aimed against lawmaker and our publisher Delyan Peevski. However, this time he himself admitted that the new manipulative material in his Frognews is based on rumours. The co-authors of the article titled “Conspiratorial notes: New political and oligarchic circle crave power”, Ognyan Stefanov pointed out, are two ex-ministers of interior, MPs of different parliamentary factions, former and current agents of the secret services, his colleagues and some ten journalists. (See here)

Request for conflict of interest investigation of Lozan Panov is already in Brussels

The European Commission has received a letter with a set of questions concerning the conduct of Lozan Panov, the President of the Supreme Cassation Court (SCC) raised by the Center for Applied Legal Studies (CFALS) to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), reported deputy head of Representation at EC, Bulgaria area, Hristo Hristov. He was invited to a regular sitting of the Civil Council to the SJC. The questions of the CFALS were approved at the previous sitting of the Civil Council and it was decided to send them to the European Commission. (See here)

Prosecution carried out 46 checks on documents issued by MEEBs

In the period 2017-2018, the prosecuting magistracy carried out a total of 46 checks of documents issued by Medical Expert Evaluation Boards (MEEBs), compared to over 40 checks done since the beginning of 2019, Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev said at a briefing Tuesday.

One of the checks showed that nearly 30% of people in Silistra (on the Danube River) have received medical expert evaluations. On Monday, a police operation in Varna (on the Black Sea) revealed a crime group of five doctors and one accomplice. One of the doctors was a Syrian national.

The scheme included mediators encouraging healthy people to get a fake medical expert evaluation in order to receive money, thus making it possible for unemployed people to be granted a high disability percentage. The search revealed a profit of almost two million levs. (See here)



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