WEEKLY DIGEST: Evergreen Bulgartabac fake targets oligarchs’ sworn enemy Peevski

WEEKLY DIGEST: Evergreen Bulgartabac fake targets oligarchs’ sworn enemy Peevski

If we had to wrap up the developments in the media space of Bulgaria in the past several months (and why not the past years? - Ed.’s note) we would see that the scandals are swarming but there is one and only constant – the fake news generated by the shady political and economic circles aimed at settling accounts with their foes.

And who is the most marketable enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria? Of course, it is Delyan Peevski. The MP of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media for years has been a thorn in the side of the oligarchs owing to his attempts to bring to light their criminal schemes and to forestall further crimes doing it to the benefit of the State and its citizens.

And, since the battle against Peevski has been waged for many years, the backstage powerbrokers and their henchmen from time to time obviously get affected by creative blocks and resort to brushing mothballs off some worn-out fakes. Their evergreen theme is Bulgartabac and the imaginary ties between the holding and Peevski. Despite the multiple sources of evidence proving that there are no such ties the Bulgartabac is the favourite evergreen topic of the Fake News Factory.       

The last week has also passed under the sign of dusted-off fakes and the nonsensical implication of Peevski into all news about the known and unknown compromised characters. These were the seven days when the oligarchs have been trying to stifle the nascent truth in Bulgaria using a string of lies to this end.

Otherwise, the week started with the letter by the mysterious Black Swan, Elisaveta Panova (See here). During the days when chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) Lozan Panov broke all Olympic track records running away from the ‘inconvenient’ questions posed by journalists and his colleagues from the SCC his spouse Elisaveta had a free hand. She would launch a barrage of accusations on national air, write open letters and threaten that she and her husband will sue the state for (sic) lack of justice. The furious Betty, widely known by her byname the Black Swan given for her past criminal record (and not only) keeps sticking labels on everyone she sees as opponent every time she finds a friendly website or TV programme. ‘Friendly’ because all of the national media show interest in her outpourings but, as interviews come along with the inconvenient questions, the spouse of Bulgaria’s No.1 Judge so far has been stubbornly evading contacts with the larger part of them. Before the others she whips up fake news in a bid to blur the truth about an apparently shady deal – the purchase of a 210-sq.m real estate at a price four times lower than the market one. And, apart from the lies about her shady affairs, she, as usual, involves the name of the main target of fake news in this country, lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski as she obviously sees in him the impersonated enemy of the status quo. There is no other explanation to her attempt to implicate his name in the muddy scandal with cheap apartments and tax evasion which she herself cooked up together with her husband. 

However, already on the next day the Fake News Factory had to acknowledge its own impotence and its pen pushers have veritably made true our prognosis that if Peevski is not attacked for his involvement in the CorpBank affair he will be attacked because of his alleged ties with Bulgartabac holding (See here). It is high time the website of Agent Academician made a weekly timetable to introduce order in the rotation of their run-of-the-mill topics. For instance, on Wednesday, it was the turn of the absurd fake refuted dozens of times, about the non-existent ties of Peevski with Bulgartabak. It would be only logical to assume that this same news will make headlines on Friday. On Thursday, just for a change, Frognews may be inspired by the ‘invisible’ loans of Delyan Peevski. 

This time, so that the fake news about Bulgartabac does not sound like a fake, the site lugs into it the customs office claiming that it has ‘exploded’. No, the customs office did not explode. This disaster has happened only in the heads of the toadies who thought up this sensational headline and concocted the next in a row fake. The journalists’ competence and awareness level has been rooted to the spot since 2016, when Peevski sold his 5% minority share in the holding. But the team of Frognews doesn’t bother about real facts, they are experts in free compositions, so once again they are pushing interpretations on this theme.

Actually, Frognews decided to learn by rote how to refurbish their fakes and already the next day once again took out of mothballs the topic of Bulgartabac. This time, however, the rancid lie was dished up along with just as rancid talking head, the political outcast Osman Oktay (See here). Thus the team of Frognews proved that they are sticking to two principles. First, when the fakes involving Peevski are not about CorpBank or any top appointment in Bulgaria it would be Bulgartabac. And second, that dog doesn’t eat dog (in the case of Stefanov and Oktay this proverb applies to the State Security agen. It also goes to show that birds of a feather flock together.

New contracts to speed up delivery of F-16 to Bulgaria

The fact that Morocco and another Asian country bid for the latest generation F-16 Block 70 to renovate their combat air force will speed up the implementation of the plans to start the manufacture of new jet fighters for Bulgaria and the delivery of the first aircraft to be in end-2022, Lockheed Martin reported quoting James Robinson, International Business Development Senior Manager for F-16 at the manufacturing company (See here).

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