8 fake news about Peevski within 7 days, Tsvetan Vassilev plundered CorpBank

8 fake news about Peevski within 7 days, Tsvetan Vassilev plundered CorpBank

Fake News Factory’s motto: not a day without a lie about Peevski

Not a day without a lie about Peevski. This is the motto of the Fake News Factory founded by the satellite media of oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev. Over the span of the last seven days, this manipulation machine has published or copy-pasted eight fake news concerning lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media, a tag-up with Google shows.

Oligarchs are waging campaign against Peevski: 8 fake news within 7 days

The aim is transparent – whenever a user searches Peevski’s name in the World Web he would always get on some vilifying materials, which is done to bolster his image of “universal evil” created by the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria. The image was coined synthetically as a response to the legislative initiatives launched by Peevski.

Some of them have forestalled the secondary looting of CorpBank, while other of the adopted legislative amendments have ensured full transparency of media financing, online editions included. The online editions are those which serve as media shield to the indicted oligarch-publishers and their acolytes, they use it to hide away from retribution for their crimes.     

The fakes produced by the Factory this week were not even based on the fresh talking points. Out of creative impotence of its contributors the Factory is forced to warm up the old false theses refuted dozens of times. The only new moments are the occasions for their circulation.

Thus, the week started with a fake news implicating the name of Peevski into an imaginary connection between him, Bulgartabac holding and the visit of Prosecutor General and Minister of Interior to the United Arab Emirates (See here). The fake was aired by Mediapool, website of Stoyana Georgieva, former spokesperson for ex-PM Ivan Kostov. It was reproduced right away by the rest of the websites aligned with the Fake News Factory.

Not to lag behind in meeting the fake news quota, the Bulgarian branch of Deutsche Welle joined in the choir and published the “analytical” material by political scientist Daniel Smilov who turned accepting grants into family business. In his pseudo-analysis, Smilov has even mixed up Peevski into the scandal between MP of the Socialist Party Elena Yoncheva charged with money laundering and Minister of Culture Boil Banov. No normal person would have ever conceived such an idea. Of course, if he is not “top dressed” with generous fees, which is apparently the case with Smilov.

As it could be expected, Sonya Koltuklieva, accused of evading taxes, was not among the Fake News Factory laggards. Koltuklieva, who was brought to court for pocketing BGN 90,000 in fees under the counter (the money stolen from CorpBank by the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev), has fed four fakes to Peevski’s haters posting them on her page in Facebook. They were reprinted on the spot by Frognews, again a website sponsored by Ognyan Stefanov, State Security agent aka Agent Academician.

The apex of this attack against the MP Delyan Peevski was the participation in the TV programme of another journalist on Vassilev’s payroll, namely Lyuba Kulezich (See hereSee here and See here). To make the picture complete bivol.bg contributed to Fake News Factory output reprinting an outright manipulative material from afera.bg (See here).  Mediapool and Frognews again saw a trace of conspiracy in the attempts of Vassilev-Gebrev tandem at stealing Dunarit ammunitions plant and lugged into their material Novichok nerve agent just to divert public attention from the criminal activity of this tandem (See here). As for the fugitive banker, he managed to catch in his web of lies even a British edition (See here).

 Tsvetan Vassilev plundered CorpBank, committed 144 financial frauds

The fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and his accomplices syphoned off CorpBank, together they are guilty of 144 assets misappropriations. This transpired from the report of the Prosecutor’s Office presented at the sitting of the Specialised Court on 5 February. The statement of the public prosecution was presented after Judge Victoria Petrova put to end the readout of thousand-page thick bill of indictment (See here).

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