If practice makes perfect, the regurgitation of talking points makes for ultimate disinformation. Goebbels came up with essentially the same philosophy nearly a century ago, but it is being employed to this day by the Bulgarian followers of the Nazi minister of propaganda working for the slandering machine of the indicted oligarchs-turned-publishers led by Ivo Prokopiev.

It is a 24/7 operation producing an avalanche of fake news items against the sworn enemy of its masters – lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, who has become a thorn in the side of oligarchs in Bulgaria because of his legislative initiatives.

This week’s tone for fake news was set, as is tradition, by Mediapool, the website serving the interests of former PM Ivan Kostov and the oligarchy. Obviously in the grips of an existential crisis over the concoction of new talking points, the team of Stoyana Georgieva, aka the godmother of fake news, resorted to the old false thesis about an imaginary connection between Peevski and Bulgartabac and attached it to a piece of news that had nothing to do with the lawmaker. The occasion exploited for this trick was the start of Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov and Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov’s visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), during which the two officials are expected to discuss cooperation in combating organised crime and terrorism. As any sensible person would guess, the visit has nothing to do with MP Delyan Peevski. A connection between the two can be made only by a mind apt to indulge in conspiracy theories and talking points authored by oligarchs. Which of the two served as the driving factor behind the article on the UAE visit, that we do not know, but the fact remains that at some point the text enters a paragraph absurdly connecting the visit to a claim that the tobacco company Bulgartabac is a major exporter of cigarettes for the emirates and to the false thesis that Peevski is linked to the company. This thesis has been disproven dozens of times and can be exposed as a slandering statement by a simple visit to the country’s public registers. Those clearly show that the lawmaker has never been in control of the company, and that he sold his 5% minority share in 2016. And since the team of Mediapool, just like all Bulgarian citizens, has free access to the Commercial Register, the only explanation as to why the dissemination of fake news persists is the fact that Ivo Prokopiev, the ultimate ringleader for the website, and Stoyana Georgieva, its official owner and former spokesperson for Ivan Kostov, are obsessed with attacking Peevski and anyone else who seeks justice in Bulgaria. Under the power of this fixation, Mediapool and the rest of the cogs in the oligarchy’s slandering machine have no scruples involving foreign institutions too. Several years ago, for example, in an attempt to support her bosses’ theses, Georgieva announced that the European Commission had sent a letter asking for the resignation of the country’s top prosecutor. The information had to be officially refuted by the Commission.


Във връзка с решение на Европейския съд в Люксембург, ви уведомяваме, че авторът на коментара под тази статия носи съдебна отговорност за послания, които са нецензурни, насаждат омраза, призовават към насилие или са клеветнически. При съгласието Ви, ние ще създадем бисквитка на компютърът ви, която ще бъде запазена следващите 7 дни.

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WEEKLY DIGEST: Week of fake news and fake reports

Eh, is there any other journalist association that, on the one hand, is fighting for the freedom of speech and transparent media but, on the other – is using fake news and still faker information sources? Naturally, we are talking about the Reporters without Borders (RSF), their favourite World Press Freedom Index and their good friends from Economedia sustained by the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev.

WEEKLY DIGEST: Evergreen Bulgartabac fake targets oligarchs’ sworn enemy Peevski

If we had to wrap up the developments in the media space of Bulgaria in the past several months (and why not the past years? - Ed.’s note) we would see that the scandals are swarming but there is one and only constant – the fake news generated by the shady political and economic circles aimed at settling accounts with their foes.

Anti-Peevski fakes: If not Bulgartabac it will be CorpBank

It is common knowledge that repetition is the mother of learning. According to Goebbels, repetition is the mother of propaganda. As regards the oligarchic media in Bulgaria, repetition is not just propaganda. It means lies stored in archives of files whose content are the talking points which are taken out of mothballs every time when the previous one becomes too worn-out.