After they tried to “steal” the EU presidency via a site that misled the readers posing as an official Bulgarian internet page, the pawns of the oligarchic disinformation machine in Bulgaria are trying to “steal” the vote for the European Parliament as well. 

Once again they are trying to lug in fake news but this time guised as a new website focused on the Euro vote. The man who built the second site ( is the same person who is standing behind the first one – a journalist catering to the interests of the behind-the-scenes clique working as a correspondent in Brussels. His name is Georgy Gotev. Actually, Georgy is only a

“cover face” of the page because de facto it is built in collaboration with other two e-editions, part of the oligarchic Fake News Factory – Mediapool of the former spokesperson of Ivan Kostov, Stoyana Georgieva and Frognews of Agent Academician of the communist State Security Service, Ognyan Stefanov. The result of the recent “embrace” of the pseudo journalists in their attempt to cheat the community is an article written by an author who is on payroll in Mediapool titled “Revelations about the covert political partner of Borissov destabilise his government” Purportedly, the article is about the amendments to the Election Code but in fact it has been generated with the sole purpose – to quote the last but one sentence to which the name of the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski was again patched on. The lawmaker has long become the No.1 target of the behind-the-scenes clique owing to his legislative initiatives that both forestalled the secondary plunder of CorpBank which was to fill the piggybanks of Tsvetan Vassilev and his oligarch-publishers cronies and ensure transparency of the financing of all media in Bulgaria. In response, the oligarch-publishers and their satellite media every day spew out at least several fakes with the sole purpose – to paste his name on every possible false news released in Bulgaria and abroad to put him to blame for everything happening in Bulgaria.

This is how the matters stand with the abovementioned article which was written only to tag into it the name of Peevski and so to make it pop up at every Google search. To make it more authentic and weighty, Gotev has reposted this article in an another edition to which he contributes, namely the Euroactive, just to add that it is the result of the efforts of journalists financed by EU, wherefrom it was quoted by Frognews under sensational headline “Euroactive: Hidden political alliance destabilises Bulgarian government.” This is an old ploy for laundering fake news which only shows that Brussels has delayed its measures against fake news flood on the eve of the EP vote. Already several months ago, the EU officials warned that a surge of fake news is expected before the election to the European Parliament and announced that they will launch a network of independent raters who will “catch” the fake news. Building such network is still underway though, which became clear from the announcements of the EU Member States’ governments, including Bulgaria. It is only now that the units for combatting disinformation are to be formed. And disinformation has long become a fact. It is the offspring of people who pass themselves off as journalists and have joined their efforts to cater to the interests of the oligarchy.                    


Във връзка с решение на Европейския съд в Люксембург, ви уведомяваме, че авторът на коментара под тази статия носи съдебна отговорност за послания, които са нецензурни, насаждат омраза, призовават към насилие или са клеветнически. При съгласието Ви, ние ще създадем бисквитка на компютърът ви, която ще бъде запазена следващите 7 дни.

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What do an ageing cartoonist, pen pusher on the paycheck of the oligarchy and a rhinoceros may share in common? It is hard to guess, isn’t it? The answer, however, is simple – all of them are tools in the hands of the Bulgarian backstage power brokers. Targeted as the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique, the lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski who, on top of everything, is the nominee for MEP for the second time is their main opponent.

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Almost seven days ago, it transpired that the MP of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski is on the voting list of the Movement and will run for MEP at the end of this month. For years, the MP has been winning the elections in which he participated. Voters know him well, know that he is as good as his word and see that he is fighting the oligarchic shadows in Bulgaria – he forestalls their shady deals and the attempts to foil his legislative initiatives, whereas his media outlets expose the affairs of the indicted bosses.