Fake News Digest:Not a day without a fake about Delyan Peevski

Fake News Digest:Not a day without a fake about Delyan Peevski

Over the span of the last three years Fake News Factory released more than 1,000 fakes

Not a day without fake news, misinformation or open lie about Delyan Peevski. The pawns of the oligarchic clique running the Fake News Factory in Bulgaria are repeating this mantra diligently and kissing the rod.

Thus, thanks to their tireless efforts to smear the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media within the last three years over 5,000 fakes have been circulated in the media space. The social networks have not been spared from this oligarchic propaganda, too. A real tidal wave of fake news has been inundating Bulgaria from the websites of the indicted oligarchs. The main target of these insinuations is the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique, Delyan Peevski.

Within just some days, the Fake News Factory orchestrated by Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev have virtually billowed out a wave of fake news. This fake news terror attack is based on very simple media technology but it depends on dozens of cogs working 7/24 as a part of this manipulation machine. The most explicit example of it is the Frognews website of the State Security Agent Academician Ognyan Stefanov. The agent of the obscurantic communist State Security has for years been on a payroll of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and is now posing as the latter’s press officer. Apart from that, he is tasked with flooding the virtual space with open lies about Delyan Peevski. Maybe you will wonder how his otherwise negligible site used only by the closest friends and the family of the fugitive banker manages to be such an influence peddler in the internet search engines and often poses as the top site there. To this end they have sprawled an elaborate network of pawns. The front rank are the so-called “online speakers”, like Sonya Koltuklieva, another State Security agent Ilian Vassilev and Boets, the NGO financed by the fugitive banker. All together they spew out at least one fake a day against Peevski. As soon as it is published on Facebook it gets reprinted on Frognews on the spot, usually with a link to a Facebook post. This is the first indication for the online search engines that a new report has appeared and so they index it at once.

However, Frognews proper is not so popular in the internet and needs additional help to “rise to fame first” in Google. To this effect they employ dozens of small, anonymous sites which repost the posts of the paid agents of Vassilev with links to Frognews. This scheme made it possible to virtually inundate the internet with fakes and lies about Peevski.      




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