BG desk of Radio Free Europe also spreads lies about Peevski but in English

BG desk of Radio Free Europe also spreads lies about Peevski but in English

A journalist asked Mark Twain was it true that he was writing a play for the Philadelphia Theater. “You may write that the play consists of four acts and three intermissions. I am almost ready with the intermissions", the writer answered jokingly.

It may come as a nasty surprise to Radio Free Europe (and their reputation) but this is exactly the style of the Bulgarian desk of the otherwise highly reputed international media since they again made appearance in Bulgaria. The difference is that in the Bulgarian variant of the humorous incident which proves that fake news were spread even over a century ago (at that on both sides of the Atlantic) the intermissions are the time when the whole disinformation scenario is written. And the theatre employs the same actors (be it a trend or habit) and their target on stage is always the same - lawmaker, candidate for MEP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

How to explain this obsession? We can make a sure guess. It would suffice to examine the lineup of the Bulgarian team, whose chief is the former employee of the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Ognyan Donev, namely Ivan Bedrov, and their main contributor is Paulina Paunova, former author of Mediapool, the site connected with Iconomedia. The result of this collaboration, guised as a brand of a reputable international media, is that from the start of the campaign to now, Peevski has been the No.1 target in at least 30 articles which by all odds can be qualified as fake news.

The latest was released a day and a half ago under a title which suggests that a Bulgaria “phantom politician has set out to conquer the European Parliament”. The new about it is the fact that it is released in English and the guest writer is a foreigner. At the same time, the talking points in the article are apparently Bulgarian-made and, according to the oligarchic scenario, same are the sources. To be more accurate, the specified sources are the NGO Boets, connected with the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev who syphoned billions off CorpBank, as well as Reporters without Borders (RSF) whose reports on Bulgaria are compiled by Pauline Ades-Mevel. There is nothing to evidence her claims. No way there could be because they all run counter to reality. Apropos, the author herself admits to it. “Peevski was audited in 2018 and was declared “clean” by the Bulgarian Anti-Corruption Commission which stated that the audits of his businesses carried out as back as in 2013 have not established any wrongdoings," reads the material, but right after it the author quotes a counter thesis and this time the source is a professional protester who turned grants into a family business, namely Daniel Smilov.

According to Smilov, all this has been fictitious, but the facts to evidence that are not furnished again. And for one simple reason – truth-finding is not the aim of this article which was written on the basis of the materials supplied by customer, using a matrix sent down by former employers of the team comprising the staffers of the Bulgarian desk of the Radio. The goal is to expose the Bulgarian and foreign audience to the lies spread by the oligarchs against their sworn enemy, Peevski whose legislative initiatives forestalled the secondary looting of CorpBank and brought to light the funding of all media in Bulgaria. Including the publications that are part of their Fake News Factory set up for manipulating public opinion.

Against this background it is more than clear why these same oligarchs are shaking in their boots at the very thought that their sworn enemy will be elected an MEP. They are afraid that he will pursue his battle and will make even further disclosures concerning their shady deals from the bully pulpit of the European Parliament. It remains an enigma, though, why Radio Free Europe allows to be used as a shield, having in mind that they again set foot in Bulgaria with a clear message that they will combat fake news, but actually the Radio’s Bulgarian staffers have provided the key platform for disinformation in this country.



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