Fake News Digest: Pawns of the oligarchy paint Peevski black trying to steal EP vote

After they tried to “steal” the EU presidency via a site that misled the readers posing as an official Bulgarian internet page, the pawns of the oligarchic disinformation machine in Bulgaria are trying to “steal” the vote for the European Parliament as well. 


Capital is persistent in lies about Peevski

What do the oligarchs put at stake in their battle against Delyan Peevski, the sworn enemy of the backstage machinations in Bulgaria? You can judge by yourselves if you only take the trouble to finger through the pages of the flagship newspaper of the oligarchs’ disinformation fleet – the Capital.


Why is Emiliyan Gebrev making the rounds of TV studios?

How long will the former agents of the communist State Security Service pose as pillars of morality or victims and go on plundering?

Tuesday: in the morning – half an hour of airtime on bTV, in the afternoon – 25 minutes on the Bulgarian National Radio, and that same night – one hour on the programme of Sasho Dikov. This is followed by 30 minutes on Bulgaria ON AIR on Wednesday morning. No, this is not the busy schedule of a rock star or some genius inventor. Neither is it the schedule of the country’s president, who surely would have something important to say to the nation.


Kazachok with Novichok or how to shift on Peevski the blame for everything

At the end of the week with all kinds of weird “news” aplenty time has come to make a brief analysis of the events. The past seven days have started and ended with one and the same piece of news – the alleged poisoning of arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev.


Fake News Digest:Not a day without a fake about Delyan Peevski

Over the span of the last three years Fake News Factory released more than 1,000 fakes

Not a day without fake news, misinformation or open lie about Delyan Peevski. The pawns of the oligarchic clique running the Fake News Factory in Bulgaria are repeating this mantra diligently and kissing the rod.


Fake News Digest:Technology of lies

The paid press office of the behind-the-scenes clique

The paid press office of the oligarchy is working overtime in Facebook, primarily targeting lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, shows a Monitor News Agency study of the social media.


Fake News Digest:Russian Protégé from Bivol Misleads "Newsweek" about Peevski

The Russian protégé working as the chief editor of the website for racketeering Bivol, Atanas Chobanov, has plastered a tonne of lies in the respected US magazine Newsweek. This is not the first time that Chobanov, who is the son-in-law of the long-time correspondent of RIA Novosti in Paris and Brussels Victor Onuchko (with ties with Kremlin), is trying to spread lies abroad in service of his oligarchic mentors.



8 fake news about Peevski within 7 days, Tsvetan Vassilev plundered CorpBank

Fake News Factory’s motto: not a day without a lie about Peevski

Not a day without a lie about Peevski. This is the motto of the Fake News Factory founded by the satellite media of oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev. Over the span of the last seven days, this manipulation machine has published or copy-pasted eight fake news concerning lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media, a tag-up with Google shows.


Fake News Digest: Peevski dragged into F-16 conspiracy theory by attorney for Vassilev

Classic fake news with conspiracy theory elements was presented in court by one of the attorneys representing fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev – Konstantin Simeonov. The lawyer must have been truly devastated by the fact that the interminable farce of reading the entire indictment in the CorpBank case out loud, a ploy that the Bulgarian Madoff’s defence used to stall proceedings, was finally over and that now the case can actually be heard because he tried to shift the focus by creating a scandalous manipulation, connecting the name of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski and Vassilev’s absurd claim under the Global Magnitsky Act, on the one hand, to the government’s decision to negotiate the purchase of F-16 fighter planes, on the other.


Fake News Digest: Peevski targeted by Mediapool with another Bulgartabac fake news

If practice makes perfect, the regurgitation of talking points makes for ultimate disinformation. Goebbels came up with essentially the same philosophy nearly a century ago, but it is being employed to this day by the Bulgarian followers of the Nazi minister of propaganda working for the slandering machine of the indicted oligarchs-turned-publishers led by Ivo Prokopiev.